E-Jiao (125g/ 250g/ 500g)
E-Jiao (125g/ 250g/ 500g)

E-Jiao (125g/ 250g/ 500g)

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Nourish Blood and Yin

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For 125g & 250g Ejiao, please send us an enquiry. 


Nourish blood and Yin, moisten dryness and stop bleeding. 

The product supports the treatment of hemopenia, dizziness, palpitation, irritability, insomnia and dry cough. 


Take 3-9g each time to cook with water/ soup when needed. 


  1. Please avoid greasy food during the period of product-taking. 
  2. Please do not take this product when suffering a cold or during menstrual periods. 
  3. Children, pregnant women, diabetic and hypertensive patients can only take the product under doctors’ guidance and direction. 
  4. It is recommended to take this product before meals. 

Ingredients: Colla Corii Asini

Supplementary materials: Rock Candy, Yellow Wine, Soybean Oil

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