Cell Cleanser (セルクリーン) (30 Tablets)
Cell Cleanser (セルクリーン) (30 Tablets)

Cell Cleanser (セルクリーン) (30 Tablets)

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Bitter Buckwheat Extracts, Diabetes Care

Refined through 8 biotechnological processes, the key ingredient of IngreLife Cell Cleanser is bitter buckwheat, the only cereal containing the 7 essential nutrients. Bitter buckwheat is rich in vital nutrients such as minerals, vitamins and 18 types of natural amino acids. The flavonoids in bitter buckwheat helps to reduce sorbitol levels and eliminate toxic wastes in cells. 

IngreLife Cell Cleanser may assist in the following: 

- Effectively reduce sorbitol levels in cells

- Promote microcirculation

- Support healthy immunity

Directions: Take 1-2 tablets daily after meals. 

Each 250mg tablet contains 

每粒250mg 含

Bitter Buckwheat Extract苦荞麦提取物70mg
Flos Puerariae Extract葛花提取物5mg
Vitamin C维生素C10mg
Vitamin B1维生素B11mg
Vitamin B2维生素B21mg
Vitamin B6维生素B61mg

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