Dengyin Naokang (24 Capsules)

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Dissipate Stasis

Indications: To activate blood and move qi, dissipate stasis to free the collateral vessels.

Usage and dosage: 2 capsules each time, 3 times a day, a treatment course is 14 days. 

Contraindication: Not for pregnant women.


Continuous use should not exceed 14 days. If side effects occur, stop using immediately. Seek medical advice before using if you are taking blood thinning medicines (aspirin, warfarin) or if you have a bleeding tendency. 


Ingredients: Quantity per capsule (0.26g) equivalent to raw herbs
Herba Erigeron Breviscapus 灯盏细辛 500mg
Folium Gingko Biloba 银杏叶 500mg
Radix et Rhizoma Notoginseng 三七 200mg
Caulis Seu Radix Schisandra Propinqua 满山香 500mg


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