Fei Yien Pai Huo Luo Oil (60ml)
Fei Yien Pai Huo Luo Oil (60ml)

Fei Yien Pai Huo Luo Oil (60ml)

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Rheumatic Pain etc

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Huo Luo Oil contains herbal extracts. It penetrates deeply into affect area to relieve pain. Apply on affected area without hurting the skin. It is safe and hygienic.


Indication: Backache, headache, joint soreness, ache of four limbs, muscular pain, strain and insect sting. 


Directions: Apply to the affected area, several times daily with appropriate amount. 


Caution: Avoid contact with eyes, mucous membranes, open wounds or damaged skin. 

Ingredients/ 成份:
薄荷脑 Menthol 160mg
冬青油 Methyl Salicylate 400mg
桉叶油 Eucalyptus Oil 180mg
樟脑 Camphor 100mg
薰衣草油 Lavender Oil 160mg


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