Herbal Pain-go (300 Capsules)
Herbal Pain-go (300 Capsules)

Herbal Pain-go (300 Capsules)

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Relieves Pain

Actions and Indications:

Relieves pain, improves blood circulation, dispel stasis and stops bleeding. 

Relieves pain caused by surgery, sprains, straining of ligaments, as well as arthritic pain, menstrual cramps, toothache etc.


To take 3 times daily, 3 capsules each time.

7 days as a course of treatment or take when necessary.


  1. Unsuitbale for while you are allergic or have severe adverse reactions towards this products.
  2. Unsuitable for use during pregnancy
  3. Not recommended for children
  4. During the stages of administration, flushing, skin itchiness, palpitation, chest distress, breath, low blood pressure may be associated with severse adverse reactions, stop administration and prompty seek medical advice. 

Side Effects:

  1. Digestive system: The stomach (wan) ill, abdominal pain, the distension of the abdomen, diarrhea, disgusting, vomitting, dry mouth and have the liver biochemistry target unusual report. 
  2. Systemic reaction: Pain, edema, hypodynamia, flush, allergic reaction and so on.
  3. Skin: skin rash, itches and so on.
  4. Nervous system: Dizziness, headache and so on.
  5. Cardiovascular system: Palpitation, chest distress and so on. 
  6. Others: Nosebleed, black stool, purpura case report. 



成份/ Ingredients: Each capsule 300mg contains raw herbs
独一味 Herba Lamiophlomis 2001mg


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