Man Patency New Generation (60 Capsules)
Man Patency New Generation (60 Capsules)

Man Patency New Generation (60 Capsules)

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Maintain Prostate Health

  • Strengthens the detrusor muscle, reducing symptoms such as terminal dribbling, urine discontinuity and dark urine
  • Symptoms such as weak urination, odynuria, pain in the lower abdomen and urine bifurcation are reduced
  • Relieving or eliminating of itching and pain, scorching heat in the urethra, and distension in the testis


During initial stages of administration, it is normal to experience a sensation of heat in the perineum, as well as a fluctuating need to urine. These are normal reactions. Continue administering the product to obtain optimal results. 

Suitable for: Men experiencing symptoms such as frequent urination, urgent urination, urine discontinuity, difficulty in stopping urinating, urine dribbling, urine bifurcation and weak urination caused by the prostatic hyperplasia (hypertrophy) or the prostatitis.

Suitable for Vegetarians

Dosage: Take 2 capsule, twice a day.

Ingredients/ 成份: 

Each 300mg capsule contains 


油菜花粉 Rarp Pollen 80mg
锯叶棕提取物 Saw Palmetto P.E. 160mg
番茄红素 Lycopersicon Esculentum Mill 10mg
维生素E Vitamin E 50mg

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