Men Tonic (60/ 300 Capsules)
Men Tonic (60/ 300 Capsules)
Men Tonic (60/ 300 Capsules)
Men Tonic (60/ 300 Capsules)

Men Tonic (60/ 300 Capsules)

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Replenish Qi, Invigorate Kidney-yang

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To warm and invigorate kidney-yang, replenish qi and promote the production of body fluid, replenish essence and marrow, and reinforce the spleen to promote yang. It is indicated for syndrome of insufficient kidney-yang and decline of fire in gate of life, marked by kidney deficiency and mental fatigue from senility or protracted diseases, soreness and weakness of the waist and knees, seminal emission, yang deficiency, urine dribbling after micturition, pale tongue with whitish fur, deep and feeble pulse and with above symptoms.


Rhizoma et Radix Ginseng and Cortex Cinnamomi can warm and invigorate kidney-yang, replenish kidney essence, they both can replenish the spleen-yang and kidney-yang. Fructus Lycii can nourish yin and invigorate the kidney, benefit the essence and nourish the liver; Semen Cuscutae Preparata can benefit yin and strengthen yang. It is warm but not dryness in property so that it can tonify body without causing stagnation; Fructus Rubi can replenish yin and reinforce the kidney, arrest and stop seminal emission, Semen Plantaginis can increase secretion of urine to purge fire in the kidney deficiency condition; Bombyx Masculus can  replenish the kidney and strengthen the kidney-yang; Fructus Schisandrae is sour and astringent in property so it can astringe qi to prevent depletion and scattering of original qi. When it is used in combination with Rhizoma et Radix Ginseng, it also has the function of replenishing qi and restoring normal pulse beating. The combination of Rhizoma et Radix Ginseng and Cortex Cinnamomi can strengthen the spleen-yang and kidney-yang, expel cold and rescue yang. The compatibility of this recipe is meant to reinforce the kidney, nourish the liver and benefit the spleen, warm yang to enrich the kidney and replenish essence and marrow.

Usage & Dosage: Oral administration, 3 capsules each time, 2 times a day.

Precaution: Stop administration if the symptom of dry throat occurs. Be cautious about patient suffering from common cold. Avoid pungent and irritant food.


60 Capsules: $50

300 Capsules: $200

Each capsule (400mg) contains extracts equivalent to raw herbs:

人参 Radix et Rhizoma Ginseng  33.33mg
仙 茅 Rhizoma Curculiginis  166.67mg
 淫羊藿 Herba Epimedii  166.67mg
肉 桂 Cortex Cinnamomi  16.67mg
枸杞子 Fructus Lycii  166.67mg
冤丝子 Semen Cuscutae  166.67mg
覆盆子 Fructus Rubi 166.67mg
五味子 Fructus Schisandrae Chinensis  166.67mg
车前子 Semen Plantaginis  166.67mg
蚕蛾 Bombyx Masculus  33.33mg


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