Sleek Lady Collagen (60 Capsules)
Sleek Lady Collagen (60 Capsules)

Sleek Lady Collagen (60 Capsules)

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Healthy Skin & Hair, Antioxidant

IngreLife Sleek Lady Collagen Capsules may assist in the following:

– Enhance elasticity and moisture in our skin

– Maintain fineness and smoothness of our skin

– Supplement nutrients to help maintain healthy, glossy hair

– Eliminate free radicals and improve our body’s collagen absorption

– Supplement bone collagen for strong, healthy bones

Suitable for:

– Individuals with a dull, sallow complexion

– Individuals with dry, sagging skin, wrinkles and age spots caused by aging or radiation from the sun

– Individuals with poor skin texture or oily skin due to endocrine disorders, or blemishes left by acne

– Individuals with eye bags and dark circles due to irregular lifestyles, smoking etc



2 capsules twice a day.

Each 350mg capsule contains:

胶原蛋白Collagen 276mg

葡萄籽提取物Grape Seed Extract 74mg

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