Cranberry (60 Capsules)
Cranberry (60 Capsules)

Cranberry (60 Capsules)

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Promotes Healthy Urinary Tract

Emerge refreshed and beautiful!

Cranberries help women protect the bladder and urethra from getting bacterial infections easily and contribute to overall pelvic health.


IngreLife Cranberry Capsules may assist in the following:

- Provide antioxidant benefits that prevent harmful free radical damage to the body

- Promote the body’s natural detox ability and bring out one’s natural beauty through long-term consumption of various nutrients found in cranberries

- Support gynaecological health

- Weaken the adhesive ability of some bacteria in the stomach and intestines, thereby promoting gastrointestinal health



2 capsules twice a day. Individuals facing urinary tract problems may take 3-4 capsules per intake. 


Each 330mg capsule contains 16500mg of cranberry

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