Enriched Blueberry (60 Capsules)
Enriched Blueberry (60 Capsules)

Enriched Blueberry (60 Capsules)

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Promote eye health

 IngreLife Enriched Blueberry Capsules contains Lutein which is extracted from Marigold flowers, and Anthocyanin which is extracted from blueberries.

IngreLife Enriched Blueberry Capsules may assist in the following:

It can aid you in maintaining good visual health:

- Anti-oxidant, maintaining good visual health

Fight ultra-violet rays and protect the eyes from harmful blue lights

Improve eye circulation


Two times daily, one capsule at a time, and to be served after meals with lukewarm water. 

Each capsule (300mg) contains extracts equivalent to raw herbs
蓝莓 Blueberry 3000mg
万寿菊 Marigold Flower 500mg

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