Itch-Relieving Capsules (30 / 300 Capsules)
Itch-Relieving Capsules (30 / 300 Capsules)

Itch-Relieving Capsules (30 / 300 Capsules)

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For Rash and Eczema

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To disperse wind to nourish the blood, clear away heat and remove dampness.

It is indicated for rash and eczema, which marked by that the skin is exposed red rash, or covered with cloudy-like plaque, with small vesicles forming discharge after scratching.


Dosage: 3 capsules each time, 2-3 times a day

Ingredients/ 成份: Each capsule (300mg) contains extracts equivalent to raw herbs:
荆芥 Herba Schizonepetae 1110mg
防风 Radix Saposhnikoviae 1110mg
牛蒡子 Fructus Arctii 1110mg
蝉蜕 Periostracum Cicadae 560mg
藿香 Herba Agastaches 1110mg
薄荷 Herba Menthae 560mg
苦参 Radix Sophorae Flavcscentis 1110mg
苍术 Rhizoma Atractylodis 1110mg
通草 Medulla Tetrapanacis 1110mg
石膏 Gypsum Fibrosum 560mg
知母 Rhizoma Anemahenae 560mg
当归 Radix Angelicae Sinensis 1110mg
生地 Radix Rehmanniae 1670mg
丹参 Radix et Rhizoma Salviae Miltiorrhizae 1670mg
丹皮 Cortex Moutan 1110mg
甘草 Radix et Rhizoma Glycyrrhizae 560mg


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