Pro-Blood (90 Capsules)
Pro-Blood (90 Capsules)

Pro-Blood (90 Capsules)

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Helps With Production of Blood

The synergistic formula of IngreLife Pro-Blood Capsule helps to promote dietary absorption of iron by improving its absorption rate and supports healthy red blood cell formation. 

IngreLife Pro-Blood Capsule may assist in the following:

- Help with the production of blood

- Support immunity

- Benefit females with naturally cold limbs or those who are afraid of the cold. 

- Help in alleviating fatigue, dizziness and improve concentration problems


Take 3 capsules twice daily. 


Do not take this product if you are suffering from a cold/flu. Those who are of Yin deficient body constitution should use with caution.


Each Capsule 410mg contains:

阿胶Ejiao (donkey-hide gelatin)200mg
富马酸亚铁Ferrous Fumarate10mg
黄芪多糖Astragalus Polysaccharide100mg
当归Danggui (Angelica sinensis)100mg
维生素B12Vitamin B1215μg

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