Sea-buckthorn (80 Softgels)
Sea-buckthorn (80 Softgels)

Sea-buckthorn (80 Softgels)

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Regulate Blood Lipids, Protect Gastric Lining

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IngreLife Sea-buckthorn Softgels is made with the oil of wild sea-buckthorn berries and seeds using modern technology. This product contains many beneficial properties such as multi-vitamins, folic acid, flavones, terpenes, amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids, minerals, trace elements and other bioactive compounds.


IngreLife Sea-buckthorn Softgels may assist in the following:

- Promote healthy blood lipids

- Protect stomach lining

- Protect and maintain liver functions

- Maintain a healthy immune system, combat fatigue

- Maintain a glowing complexion



- 2 capsules twice a day

Each Capsule (750mg) contains extracts equivalent to raw herbs
沙棘果 Sea-buckthorn berry 2000mg
沙棘籽 Sea-buckthorn seed 2000mg
维生素 E Vitamin E 50mg


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