Kinsuigen (きんすいげん) (30 Softgels)
Kinsuigen (きんすいげん) (30 Softgels)

Kinsuigen (きんすいげん) (30 Softgels)

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IngreLife KINSUIGEN comprises mainly of wood frog egg oil, grape seed oil, olive oil, rose essential oil, glycerol and vitamin E and is made using modern biological extraction technology. It contains rich crude protein, multi-vitamins, unsaturated fatty acid, multiple trace elements, youth boosting factor in the frog egg oil, bioactive ingredients which are beneficial to the body’s health, and active agents in plants and animals for skin beautifying, water-retention and moisturizing.

Through regular consumption, it will relieve the changes that females experience during menopause, strengthen immunity, relieve osteoporosis, regulate female hormones, enhance skin moisture and elasticity, and rejuvenate skin texture and complexion.


Suitable for: women with menopause and women with menopause discomfort


Directions for use: 1-2 softgels daily, oral intake

Refrigerate after opening.

Ingredients: Each softgel (400mg) contains:
雪蛤卵油 Forest Frog Egg Oil 100mg
葡萄籽油 Grape Seed Oil 73mg
橄榄油 Olive Oil 61mg
玫瑰精油 Rose Essential 1mg
维生素 E Vitamin E 15mg


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