Perfect Formula Relaxing Rheumatic (60ml)
Perfect Formula Relaxing Rheumatic (60ml)

Perfect Formula Relaxing Rheumatic (60ml)

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For Rheumatic Pain etc

Using Singapore classic presciptions and the finest selection of natural oils as raw materials, this product is formulated with the aid of advanced technology and equipments and refined through scientific processes. 

This product is effective in promoting blood circulation to arrest pain, dissipating stasis and reducing swelling. 

Indications: It is applicable for joint pains, bruises, sore back, sports injuries, muscle pain, rheumatoid arthritis and other types of pain. 

Directions: 2-3 times daily when needed. 

Caution: Not recommended for pregnant women

成份/ Ingredients per 60ml
薄荷油 Menthol 18%
冬青油 Oil of Wintergreen 38%
白油 White Oil 10%
红花 Flos Carthami 13%
樟脑 Camphor 13%
自然铜 Pyrite 8%


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