Qingyin Wan (3g X 10 Pills)
Qingyin Wan (3g X 10 Pills)

Qingyin Wan (3g X 10 Pills)

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Relieve Sore-throat

Actions: To remove heat and relieve sore-throat, to promote the production of body fluid and moisten for dryness

Indications: Loss of body fluid due to lung-heat, discomfort in pharyx, dryness of the throat and mouth, aphonia.

Usage and dosage: 1 pill, twice a day, to be swallowed with warm boiled water or kept in mouth to dissolve gradually. 

Precaution: Contraindicated with pungent and spicy foods.


Ingredients: Each pill (3g) contains raw herbs
诃子肉 Fructus Bulbus 113.6mg
川贝母 Fritillariae Cirrhosae 227.3mg
百药煎 Massa Fermentations Chinese Et Folium Camelliae Sinensis 227.3mg
乌梅肉 Fructus Mune 113.6mg
葛根 Radix Puerariae 227.3mg
茯苓 Poria 113.6mg
甘草 Radix Glycyrrhizae 227.3mg
天花粉 Radix Trichosanthis 113.6mg
蜂蜜 MEL 1636.4mg


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