Yunnan Baiyao Plaster (5 Pieces)

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Reduce Swelling, Relieve Pain


Activating blood circulation, reducing swellings, relieving pain, used for traumatic injury, and rheumatic pain etc

Usage and Dosage:

Stick to the affected part 8-12 hours. 


Prohibited for pregnant women.


5 pieces, each individually sealed. 


Extract of Yunnan Baiyao 云南白药提取物 9.66%
Zinc Oxide  氧化锌 27.53%
Rubber 橡胶 25.8%
Rosin 松香 25.1%
Lanoline 羊毛脂 3.80%
Camphor 樟脑 2.85%
Vaseline 凡士林 3.48%
Methyl Salicylate 冬青油 0.38%
Menthol 薄荷脑 1.4%


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